• Aniruddh

    I find it amusing how pool fans criticize Hodgson signings  but fail to remember that he had peanuts to work with whereas Dalglish has been handed a treasure trove( he’s been wasting most of it anyway)

    • Anonymous

      he got 20m to spend, bought poulsen and sent aquilani on loan.  Moronic business.
      He then had 6 months in which time he couldnt get the team organised to play Wolves or Blackburn.It was a traumatic reign of Error.He could have refused any of the free signings but he must have looked at them and judged that  they were good enough.  Mind he wasn’t helped by the idiot Purslow.The idea of handing him any  more txfer money when anfield was 20% empty was of course ridiculous.In contrast, Dalglish lost his first game to Blackpool  and lfc haven’t looked back since – with the same players Woy claimed noone could do better with and lost Gerrard for most of the season.The only reason Woy is doing well at W. Brom is cos Dimatteo left him an excellent team  already playing good  football.  He tightened their defence a bit so now they score more than they concede generally, but note they still didn’t have a single clean sheet last season.  If he loses 2 players out of that squad and he doesn’t do a good job replacing them, they’ll be back in the relegation fight.Hughes left Fulham because Woy left an old squad, ave age 30, with little funds to rebuild.  Ok, maybe he was constrained there, but Poulsen and Konchesky were also old and given 4 yr contracts and 2 youth players sent to London aswell.  Clueless manager – it’s a closed english world of sucking up to whiskey nose.

  • Well written, mate. I hoped that you’d add Insua to the list too, when you highlighted the need of a good enough left back. Jose Enrique fits the bill. With Aurelio hampered by injuries & Insua not upto the mark, it would be better if they get one.


  • Anonymous

    WE’re gonna have to swallow hard on these.  Noone is going to buy them due to wages and they’re crap players, though Jova looked fine in early Europa lge – and scored i think.  Maybe communication isn’t good, can’t believe he couldn’t be used on the wing with his pace.  
    I reckon they really want cole to come good – emphasis on the EPL proven players.

    That might be why Raul is for sale.  He’s in demand and he’s 28, i.e. not NESV material – older than they would like, and while very very competent isn’t a genius.  Perhaps can’t necessarily turn a game regularly.  Raises money to spend.Shame as I think he’s an important player for at least 3 years, has the right attitude and he was a good price.  hopefully its just rumours.  His cross for Carroll to score against Citeh showed his intelligence and skill and versatility being on the wing.

    Not sure about Downing, I reckon Nzoggy is better, but perhaps Comolli sees him as having an odd attitude – being French!!  Don’t take offence Frenchies – we brits find it very sexy!

    Again, Downing isn’t young enough to splash top dollar which is why lfc are playing hardball on price, probably happy at £15m.
    But KK wants EPL capable players hence the focus on the current names.  Reckon he believes he can coach them and there’ll be a good spirit in the side with more english players that communicate well.

    Love to be a fly on the wall with KK and Comolli – just how much is Comolli adding to this.

  • And Aquilani – absolute waste of money, money that could have been put to better use. Maybe help Greece out?