• sellarshavin

    I like Ramsey and certainly dont want to see him go when the inevitable and required clear out of the deadwood occurs in the summer. But Exceptional is a complete overstatement, he has the potential to be a great player but should be coming on from the bench (although i accept there isn’t allot of choice out there due to injuries). The only game he has play well in all season was the 3-5 at Chelsea other than that he has been very poor, even if he does seem to be more enthusiastic than allot of our other players in most games.

  • wengernumb

    good article…amusingly written.
    Logically it appears to contradict itself. The long list of  observation examples is damning to the professional assessment of arsene wenger and yet you state you still trust him?…..why????
    Its like employing a builder that cant do any trades, doesnt finish any jobs, leaves a mess and then after that you would still re-employ him!.
    Trust on the basis of performances 7 years ago is absurd and destructive to the future of our great club

  • oz gooner

    I only agree with half of no. 11

  • tim

    Ramsey is trash, all he does is pass back to defenders and crowd other mids… send him off to the turkish league or something

  • brad

    12. Moaning at the 4th offical is like telling you any of the above ^^^^^^ POINTLESS!!!!

  • Bg

    OMG no mention about the utterly useless 50k a week keeper called Almunia?